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We have several different barns and stall configurations, allowing each owner the option of inside stalls, row stalls with maximum ventilation and socialization opportunities, or the cozy and economical Lesson Barn. We even have a limited amount of pasture and shed board available, which includes full use of the rest of the facilities!

In addition to great accommodations for you and your horse, safety is very important to us here at Crescent Stables. The farm is completely fenced, and the driveway is secured at night as well. There are several fire extinguishers in every building, and we have 2 long fire hoses with maximum water pressure. First Aid kits for both horses and humans can be found in the Barns, all Offices, the Clubhouse and the Riding School Tackroom. Several staff members live on site to provide service in the event of an emergency and there is an evening check of doors, clips, gates, and of course, the horses!




CS_cover_image_1Main Barn

For your Horse:

    • large stalls with half doors to the outside so your horse can have his or her head outside, with a view of the farmlands or the garden and outdoor ring
    • large safety glass windows in each stall
    • automatic water


  • well ventilated with door grids and wall inserts in addition to the half doors
  • wash rack
  • Shed Row A next to the Main Barn has stalls with a view of the garden and slough


For You:

  • large tack lockers and show trunk storage
  • blanket bars on each stall
  • washroom with hot water
  • roomy rubber matted cross ties
  • quiet gardens with benches for relaxing after your rides

Shed Row B

  • Horses here can hang their heads out all day, with a view of the Grand Prix Field and the grass paddocks.snowpaddocks
  • well ventilated screened stalls
  • large tack lockers, cross ties, wash rack

Lesson Barn

  • 22 stalls with automatic waters
  • lockers for boarders and lesson clients
  • 4 cross ties


Turn Out

Horses are turned out daily, including weekends.  Boots and blankets are put on, removed,
or changed with no additional fee. Shed board with 24 hour turn out is available.08

  • 23 sand based turn outs for individuals or small groups
  • 4 hog fuel turn outs, ranging from individual turn outs with sheds, to 1 acre sized paddocks
  • 3 grass paddocks for individuals or groups
  • 2 large pastures (Summer only)
  • all season pasture with shed


Other Amenities:


    • kitchen facilities with microwave, hot and cold water, fridge, seating area with view of arenas
    • patios looking over the outdoor arena, covered arena, and garden
    • washroom
    • farm wide Wifi



Main Indoor Arena

  • large arena with good ventilation
  • sound system
  • sand and German Geo Textile footing
  • heating viewing lounge with kitchen facilities
  • open upper mezzanine
  • watering system


Covered Arena


  • large covered arena with 2 enclosed sides
  • new hogs-fuel footing
  • bleachers and covered viewing area
  • watering system


Tent Arena

  • Small enclosed coverall arena
  • Sand/sawdust footing


Outdoor Arena


  • over-sized hogs-fuel arena
  • bleachers and watering system


Half Mile Track

  • hogs-fuel track between the trees and the pastures
  • open all year round

Grand Prix Field

  • used for hacking and schooling over fences in the spring, summer, and fall
  • natural obstacles and hills

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