Quality Care for Your Horse
Well ventilated barns
Daily turnout in individual or group paddocks and seasonal pasture/paddocks
Full training available
Staff resident on site
Full board and pasture board
Broodmare and foal care
Layups for thoroughbred race horses
Pasture board for young and retired horse

For more information, check the Facilities page.







Monthly Board Rates include GST

Full Board includes feed, turn out, blanketing, boots on and off for turn out, and stall cleaning daily, in all three barns. $830

Full Board (lesson barn) $795

Shed Board consists of a paddock and shelter, either individual or shared. Feeding, watering, and paddock cleaning are also included. Horses in paired sheds must get along well with other horses and must not have back shoes. $770 for shared, $830 for individual shed/paddock

Pasture Board (summer) $450

Pasture Board (winter) $615 includes daily feeding

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