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Dr. Susan Thompson, EC Competition Coach Specialist, EC Learning Facilitator, EC Coach Evaluator

Susan is the owner of the farm, and has been coaching for enough years that some of the lesson kids are now the married moms! Specializing in Dressage, Susan is particularly interested in having her students gain an appreciation for the positive benefits of Dressage for both horse and rider. In addition to her own students, Susan helps to cross train the Hunter riders and the Jumper riders, as well as continuing to develop new coaches.  Susan has produced more than 10 EC certified coaches and has mentored many other coaches in the Lower Mainland. Susan coaches to the FEI level in Dressage, and helps Eventing riders improve their dressage scores as well.









Thea Mackenzie, EC Instructor

Growing up in Tasmania and Australia, Thea has participated in many equine activities, but was trained in Classical Dressage prior to moving here to Canada. Thea teaches many of our Dressage students, and assists Susan Thompson with the advanced riders. Thea’s detailed and straightforward approach is very popular.


Anne Lyon, EC Instructor

Anne specializes in teaching adult riders the joys (and rigors!) of Dressage. With a keen eye for position, Anne is often engaged to lunge the advanced riders wishing to improve their position and the clarity of their aids.


Sarah Griffiths

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Sarah Griffiths is one of our riding instructors in our Riding School, and also teaches Dressage to her own clients here at Crescent.

Sarah began riding at the age of 7 and has been training extensively over the past two years in Dressage.  Under the mentorship of Dr. Thompson and through additional learning and education in a variety of modalities, Sarah has become a skilled and thorough instructor with an extremely keen eye. She possesses a unique ability to achieve quick results to correct fundamental riding problems,  enabling her students to continually make breakthroughs in their riding. Sarah has also taken on the training of sales horses for private clients, and helps to retrain the newly acquired lesson horses.
Outside of the barn, Sarah has also worked for countless animal related companies as a consultant and trainer. She holds a diploma in homeopathic medicine and works part time as a commercial falconer. Sarah’s love for all animals and her passion and dedication to the sport of equestrian make her integral part of Crescent Stables.











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