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Renee and Anton’s Big Adventure comes to an end!

We survived the final show at Global, the show was as busy as ever, and the Canadians came out second and third in the Nations Cup. Karen didn’t ride in the Nations Cup which gave me the chance to actually watch some of the competition!

Karen’s young mare, Jolie, made an exciting debut and got High Point of the show.

Everyone has started packing at the barn, lots of horses have already left. Karen and I are pretty much the only ones still  riding, which is nice because we get the ring to ourselves most mornings.

There is lots to organize to prepare for the trip home, and lots of laundry, which you have to be fast to get yours stuff in there!

As we prepare to hit the road, I just want to thank everyone that helped me spend the season learning and riding at the Global Dressage Festival. This would include my coach and the owner of Anton, Susan Thompson of Crescent Stables, Greenscene Agritek, Paul Turner of Three Peaks Health, Mary Ann Liu, Douglas Coupland and Tim Coupland, as well as my family and barn family!  I could not have done this without all of you!  Thanks to Karen Pavicic as well for her help and for allowing me to ride her wonderful horses here at the Global Dressage Forum.

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Renee and Anton’s Adventure:

More news from sunny (?) Floridarainy


As you know, I am down here in Wellington at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival with Crescent Stables Ltd’s horse Anton. I am training daily with Karen Pavicic and grooming for her.


Karen Pavicic has competed at several shows now at the GDF with Don Daiquiri and though I thought I would be very intimidated by these high profile events, a horse show is just a horse show no matter where you go. Except you don’t always see Steffen Peters and Laura Tomlinson walking through the barn!


I am thrilled to say I have sat on Don Daiquiri a couple of times to get an idea of the feeling I am trying to get for Anton, and I couldn’t stop smiling through my ride! All the years of hard work is paying off and Anton is having moments of greatness, and once his balance and straightness are fully there, he easily does all the movements he needs to do!


As you can see, the weather has been pretty mixed, with some rainy days, and when it rains here it storms! Reminds me of home.

Renee and Anton’s Big Adventure-Day 4

Thursday January 8, 2015.

6am: Sunrise in Laguna, New Mexico. Cold, relatively flat and very windy but at least the sun was shining. We drove right through this state and into Texas that afternoon. When you think it can’t get any flatter…… a few plateaus here and there in the background. We could envision the cowboys of the Old West riding around here. We felt it was essential to listen to country & western music the entire way through Texas and the rest of the south. Lots of signs for Route 66 which we never did travel on but signs and rest stops enticed us to want to check it out. Wait….we have a horse… stopping! Into Oklahoma we go…..Oklahoma State was only seen in the dark but they had the best roads, smooth and straight. I’m sure Anton approved. And we saw a shooting star which was pretty cool. Continuing through Arkansas which was also night driving. It was very cold there but the weather was off-set by the people who were warm and friendly.

Although Anton is traveling well, we are not doing so well…gas station coffee, not enough sleep, and long days of driving are taking their toll. Could really use a treatment from Paul Turner, of Three Peaks Health, but for sure doing the stretches he recommended is helping….just can only do so much driving for hours on end!

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3 years ago

We have a report from cRenee & Anton on her travels to the Global Dressage Forum with Crescent Stables Ltd’s Hannoverian gelding, Anton. Renee has gone to assist Canadian Team member Karen Pavicic and get some training in, as well as experience the atmosphere of the big Florida CDI’s. Traveling with Renee was another Crescent student, Sarah Griffiths

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