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Renee and Anton’s Big Adventure comes to an end!

We survived the final show at Global, the show was as busy as ever, and the Canadians came out second and third in the Nations Cup. Karen didn’t ride in the Nations Cup which gave me the chance to actually watch some of the competition!

Karen’s young mare, Jolie, made an exciting debut and got High Point of the show.

Everyone has started packing at the barn, lots of horses have already left. Karen and I are pretty much the only ones still  riding, which is nice because we get the ring to ourselves most mornings.

There is lots to organize to prepare for the trip home, and lots of laundry, which you have to be fast to get yours stuff in there!

As we prepare to hit the road, I just want to thank everyone that helped me spend the season learning and riding at the Global Dressage Festival. This would include my coach and the owner of Anton, Susan Thompson of Crescent Stables, Greenscene Agritek, Paul Turner of Three Peaks Health, Mary Ann Liu, Douglas Coupland and Tim Coupland, as well as my family and barn family!  I could not have done this without all of you!  Thanks to Karen Pavicic as well for her help and for allowing me to ride her wonderful horses here at the Global Dressage Forum.

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Not long till the trek home

Well not long now before Anton and I start the long trek homewards. I am excited to come home and see you all but it will be hard to leave such an amazing place.  In addition to all the horsey fun (and work) I did get out to see a bird exhibit and I have been doing some painting as well. I have NOT seen any alligators or Burmese pythons, thank goodness! Anton has adjusted to life in the Florida climate and has a special fly mask to help with the bugs.


It was nice to run into Albrecht Heidemann. He has been a great help to Susan Thompson and I with Anton over the years, and with Susan’s other students at Crescent Stables.  He is in Florida every winter for the season, and then returns to Montreal. Too bad he is too busy for a west coast visit, I know he is very missed out there!


You know how they say walk is one of the most difficult things to do well?  Yep…have been working a lot on walk. I think I can walk a straight line now…it’s like a horse/rider roadside sobriety check…can you keep both legs in the right place? How about those hind legs?  Oops, there goes a shoulder…..and so it goes.  I have also been getting lunged to improve my seat even further.


I also attended the Florida Fortnight for Canadian riders. We learned about athlete nutrition (remember the horse is not the only athlete here) and Sports Psychology.  You have to train your mental skills as much as you train your horse. As they say, at the upper levels it is 90% mental skill that determines outcomes.


Karen Pavicic has been doing very well, I have included a picture of us with Dono after the GP freestyle, and a picture of Karen doing her victory lap.

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Further news from Florida!

11073844_10155366162100457_193379551_nAlthough it the days are long and the work is quite hard, I am really learning a lot down here at the Global Dressage Festival.

I have had 4 mornings off since getting here, and I get to the barn at 7 or earlier if it’s a show and stay until 8 or, if I leave earlier, I come back to do night check.  At horse shows I usually don’t finish until they shut the lights off at 11 because the Grand Prix classes are at night. I am also getting a lot of non-riding exercise because at the shows where Dono competes, he is in separate CDI stabling so I walk a marathon between barns all day to care for Dono and Anton.

I have had a couple of  lessons From Karen Pavicic on Dono and Jolie (her young horse).  What a wonderful experience, and I am so grateful to have these opportunities.  Jolie is lovely and I wish I could have her J.  Maybe I can just stick her in the homecoming trailer with Anton and no one would notice! I am sure we can find a spot for her at Crescent Stables!

Ok down to work.

Ok so after all the traveling and a bit of beach time and spectating, it was down to work!  Sarah Griffiths and myself helped Karen Pavicic with her horses and it was great to be out and about in Wellington. Karen’s horses are amazing, and Sarah got some great photos.

Anton’s first ride felt a bit creaky after all that traveling, but by the second ride he was feeling back to normal.  Karen has been doing very well down here and it is exciting to be at such a wonderful venue.  Paul Cross of our sponsor, Greenscene Agritek came down and brought us the HABIT bedding, Anton loves it and I know the horses at home do too!

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Wow, it’s been a month now that Anton and I have been in Florida.

Wow, it’s been a month now that Anton and I have been in Florida. I still sometimes have to remind myself just how far away I am from home!

So, for a report on our first few days in Wellington…..Sarah Griffiths and I arrived and got Anton settled into this lovely barn, Brilliance Stables, where there are flowers  and much to Anton’s surprise, peacocks!  He was not too keen on them, but got down for a nice roll in the dirt anyway.

Although we have been very busy, we did get to go to the beach for about an hour, and to get out on the town for a quick dinner. It is quite nice here with cute restaurants and pubs..the milkshakes were great…we also got to watch Ian Miller and Eric Lamaze whip around the course at the Winter Equestrian Festival.

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Renee and Anton’s Big Adventure-Day 2

Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2015

We drove most of the day through California which was one of the prettiest states and the warmest. We were even briefly able to wear t-shirts in the afternoon! We stopped for soggy take out salad on the way but it was the first real meal we had had since we left so it tasted pretty good.

Next stop: Los Banos, California for another overnight stay. There was a shower with “warm” water. We took advantage of it but it was only that…..warm. And the shower was in the barn so our teeth were chattering as we dressed. But at least we were clean! The night was very cold and we had another interrupted sleep in the truck in which we had to turn it on repeatedly for heat. Anton had his warm blankets and a stallion stall to sleep in. Lucky him!

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3 years ago

We have a report from cRenee & Anton on her travels to the Global Dressage Forum with Crescent Stables Ltd’s Hannoverian gelding, Anton. Renee has gone to assist Canadian Team member Karen Pavicic and get some training in, as well as experience the atmosphere of the big Florida CDI’s. Traveling with Renee was another Crescent student, Sarah Griffiths

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