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Ok down to work.

Ok so after all the traveling and a bit of beach time and spectating, it was down to work!  Sarah Griffiths and myself helped Karen Pavicic with her horses and it was great to be out and about in Wellington. Karen’s horses are amazing, and Sarah got some great photos.

Anton’s first ride felt a bit creaky after all that traveling, but by the second ride he was feeling back to normal.  Karen has been doing very well down here and it is exciting to be at such a wonderful venue.  Paul Cross of our sponsor, Greenscene Agritek came down and brought us the HABIT bedding, Anton loves it and I know the horses at home do too!

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Renee and Anton’s Big Adventure-Day 6

Saturday, January 10, 2015.

Anton’s home base in Florida.

florida-1 florida-2 florida-3 florida-4 florida-5 florida-6

Renee and Anton’s Big Adventure-Day 4

Thursday January 8, 2015.

6am: Sunrise in Laguna, New Mexico. Cold, relatively flat and very windy but at least the sun was shining. We drove right through this state and into Texas that afternoon. When you think it can’t get any flatter…… a few plateaus here and there in the background. We could envision the cowboys of the Old West riding around here. We felt it was essential to listen to country & western music the entire way through Texas and the rest of the south. Lots of signs for Route 66 which we never did travel on but signs and rest stops enticed us to want to check it out. Wait….we have a horse… stopping! Into Oklahoma we go…..Oklahoma State was only seen in the dark but they had the best roads, smooth and straight. I’m sure Anton approved. And we saw a shooting star which was pretty cool. Continuing through Arkansas which was also night driving. It was very cold there but the weather was off-set by the people who were warm and friendly.

Although Anton is traveling well, we are not doing so well…gas station coffee, not enough sleep, and long days of driving are taking their toll. Could really use a treatment from Paul Turner, of Three Peaks Health, but for sure doing the stretches he recommended is helping….just can only do so much driving for hours on end!

road-trip-19 road-trip-20 road-trip-21

road-trip-15 road-trip-16 road-trip-17 road-trip-18

Renee and Anton’s Big Adventure-Day 3

Wednesday – January 7, 2015.

5am and “On the road again,”(literally playing that song on the iPod). We actually found a Starbucks and we thought we were in heaven after drinking several NASTY gas station coffees. This time we made stops for Anton every 4 hours at rest stops so he could eat, drink and nap. We turned the back seat of the truck into a bed in which we took turns sleeping. The Mojave Desert was sunny and cold and Anton could smell the change in the air when we let him poke his head out at the rest stop. There were wind towers that went for miles and the southern part of California is literally millions of orange and lemon trees. Later in the day we drove on into Arizona. The landscape is of rich, rust-colored hills. Though it’s beautiful, it’s not fun to drive the winding highway there. When you’re tired, it takes great effort and concentration. We stopped and I went looking for neat rocks but the sign about poisonous snakes and scorpions deterred me from venturing too far. Sunset was beautiful through the Arizona landscape. Photos don’t do it justice.

road-trip-07road-trip-12   road-trip-11 road-trip-10road-trip-08 road-trip-09  road-trip-14 road-trip-15


Renee and Anton’s Big Adventure-Day 2

Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2015

We drove most of the day through California which was one of the prettiest states and the warmest. We were even briefly able to wear t-shirts in the afternoon! We stopped for soggy take out salad on the way but it was the first real meal we had had since we left so it tasted pretty good.

Next stop: Los Banos, California for another overnight stay. There was a shower with “warm” water. We took advantage of it but it was only that…..warm. And the shower was in the barn so our teeth were chattering as we dressed. But at least we were clean! The night was very cold and we had another interrupted sleep in the truck in which we had to turn it on repeatedly for heat. Anton had his warm blankets and a stallion stall to sleep in. Lucky him!

road-trip-02 road-trip-03 road-trip-04

Renee and Anton’s Big Adventure-Day 1

Monday, Jan. 5, 2015

Well, you can think you have everything organized, but it does not always work out that way! After months of preparing, packing horse first aid kits, equipment lists, bales of hay etc, on the day we were leaving we realized that with all that stuff on the Crescent Stables truck, the hitch was too low! Off we go to get the hitch adjusted. Then a paperwork glitch means a two hour delay at the border while the US agents make sure we are not secret Canadian spies…or that we were planning to sell Anton! Finally we get on the I5 and head south, making it through the whole state of Washington and into Oregon, where we stopped at a nice barn overnight so that Anton can get used to the traveling life a bit gradually. We showed up late, and it was very cold, so Anton had a short lunge and then got on his warmest pj’s for a rest. An uncomfortable nap in the truck was interrupted several times by the below freezing temperatures. We had to turn the truck on and run it to warm ourselves back up.  At 4am, we decided to just get back on the road to stay warm.


3 years ago

We have a report from cRenee & Anton on her travels to the Global Dressage Forum with Crescent Stables Ltd’s Hannoverian gelding, Anton. Renee has gone to assist Canadian Team member Karen Pavicic and get some training in, as well as experience the atmosphere of the big Florida CDI’s. Traveling with Renee was another Crescent student, Sarah Griffiths

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